IDS is a web based platform feeding millions of images from Professional photographers and their agents to newspapers and magazines. IDS is an effective and economical way to promote your pictures to a wide range of media, and to gain access to the best pictures around.

  • Established in 1992 IDS are leaders in online image management technology. They host websites for top photographic agencies worldwide and have over 20 million images online growing by 25.000 daily.
  • IDS has become the primary source for images within the industry.
  • Launched in the summer of 2002, with a single Celebrity image channel, IDS now offers dedicated News, Sport, Features, Stock and Movie Stills channels.
  • Placing your images on IDS ensures they are seen by picture users within national media. You maintain your branding.
  • IDS provides detailed activity reports from a high quality user base, helping you maximise your exposure.
  • Our users view 250,000 images daily, and download 10,000 hi-res images per month, resulting in increased usages of your images.
  • NewsPics hosts over 100,000 images on IDS.