Our celebrity photographers know what’s hot and what’s not, who’s in, who’s out, who’s popping in and who’d nipping out.  Our team have their fingers on the pulse of the latest up to the minute celebrity gossip, ensuring that our images are always bang up to date and sellable.

We work with celebrity agents and the celebrities themselves, we have a growing reputation within the industry of being trusted, NewsPics are the agency that the famous want to work with.  We are chosen by them to raise their profile in a professional manner, our expertise is sought in times of trouble and on occasion we have helped some (who will remain nameless) out of a hole! NewsPics photographers can be relied upon to work with A-listers and Z-listers alike, we make them feel at home with us and in return they trust us to work with them on their most precious public image. Whether it be a new set of publicity stills, a set-up ‘pap’ shoot, a celebrity wedding or an exclusive party, we have the photographers with the experience to provide you with the stunning final images.

Celebrity agents choose us when they want to set up a shoot and PR companies choose us for their celebrity endorsement opportunities because of our experience in working with the rich and famous.  It’s our number they have in their phones.

Our studio in rural Shenfield, just 20 minutes from the City of London in Essex offers a unique exclusive, undisturbed environment for our celebrity clients, they can relax at their shoot away from prying eyes while enjoying the unique experience of the NewsPics Studio

If your client needs a publicity boost, if your product needs a celebrity endorsement or if your publication needs a celebrity photographed, call our team now on 01277 201215